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3 Important Tips of Writing and Posting Blog Comments

Blog comments whether the comments are dofollow or nofollow can no doubt bring quality traffic to your site. Nofollow comments can send only direct traffic but dofollow comments can send direct traffic and also give SEO benefits to your site. It is possible to get the quality traffic from blog comments but it could be possible only if you follow some important tips of writing and posting the blog comments. Let’s read some important tips of writing and posting blog comments.

Blog Comments

Selecting a blog to write comment
The first and most important thing in writing and posting a blog comment is the selection of a blog. Your comment can be of no value if your site is in the real estate niche and you are writing comment on a forex trading blog post. Select a site to write comment only if the site belongs to the same niche as your site.

Comment should be relevant and non spammy
After you decided that on which site you want to write comment, the next big task is to read the guest post and then post comments. Comments should look like an answer or advice to the question or problem raised in the guest post. Comments should neither go outside the topic nor talk too much in general. While non spammy dofollow comments can contribute to your authority, nofollow and spammy comments can give a loss in your reputation that you might have earned after long time hard work.

Don’t hire those service providers that offer comment posting service in bulk
Building a link is desirable but if these links comes from non matching niche site or from site where there is nothing relevant with your site. If you hire a service provider that promises to deliver 100 links daily then don’t forget to ask t the service provider about the source of links to make sure that link building through this process will be safe and natural. Comments posted in bulk actually alert the Google engine to check whether the process is safe or not. Prefer to adopt the process of manual submission of comments so that the site remains safe.

Follow the above important tips of writing and posting blog comments.

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