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8 Practices To Make Mobile Web Designs Functional

If you are about to launch the mobile version of your website or going towards the responsive web designing, you need the tips from experts. Without being prepared, it’s not easy to setup a mobile commerce website. The given below tips are recommendations from Edinburgh web design experts. Read and implement!

  1. 1.      Give The Link Of Full Site

At any mobile version of a website, there should be link to the full website. Regardless of the mobile friendly, slim design, many users might want to have the same old experience at the website, so facilitate them by providing a link over there.

  1. 2.      Keep Headings Shorter And Descriptive

As a mobile website appears on small screens, so the headings should be kept shorter to let the visitors know the website in a glimpse without too much scrolling.

  1. 3.      Using Placeholder Text

Placeholder text is good to be used on small forms like login forms, address forms, or search boxes, instead of using the labels.

  1. 4.      Placing Labels

Labels should be placed over the form elements. This is to let the users enjoy the same input context regardless of zooming in on the mobile browser.

  1. 5.      Avoid Pop-Ups

Native applications takes the users out of the context, so these elements should be integrated into the web page to keep the users engaged.

  1. 6.      Use Font-Based Icons

Font-shaped icons enhance the look and feel of a web design. These icons can reduce the burden of managing the sprite sheets. Glyphish, Font Awesome, iconsweets, and symbolset can be the right options for font-based icon sets.

  1. 7.      Go For Mobile-First Makeover

Before doing the necessary tweaking, think about how the new website would appear on small screens and what elements to consider for enhanced experience of the mobile audience. Once you are confirmed about the necessary tweaks, go for them.

  1. 8.      Keep The Default Font Size At 14 Px

Although, 14 px seems big font size, but that’s the right option to go for. 12 px font size is good just for form labels.

The above-mentioned points can help a lot in making user-friendly mobile web designs. Enjoy your website being accessed by more mobile users, by making that mobile friendly.

Author Bio:
Emma Jones is a tech blogger that covers latest news in web design and development. She works with Vania Technologies as a Project Manager. Follow her twitter @vaniatech.

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