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Different Types of Internet Advertising

Internet advertising plans offered by different companies are of different types. The most important types of internet advertising offered by most companies are CPM, CPV, CPA, and fixed rate type of internet advertising. Let’s discuss each of these and find the most suitable one.

The term CPM means Cost per thousand Impressions. In this approach, the advertiser pays the fixed amount to the publisher for every thousand times the page that has published the advertisement of the advertiser is being viewed by the visitors. CPM has nothing to do with sales. The cost is calculated on the basis of total views and it does not matter whether those views result in a sale or not. So if the total impressions have been 10K and the cost for 1K impression was $2.5 then you will have to pay $25 whether any sale was done or not. This approach might be good if you really have a compelling sales page or home page and the traffic conversion is really high at your site.

CPV is the cost based on the total views coming from the advertisement. Again like CPM, CPV also has nothing to do with sales of your product or service. So CPV also can be useful only if you have a well written sales page or homepage and the traffic conversion is high.

CPC means Cost per Click. The advertiser needs to pay the publisher only when his or her advertisement has been clicked on the publisher site. The CPC is high as compared to CPM and CPV. CPC is most suitable for your advertising campaign if you wish to pay for the legitimate clicks delivered to your through the advertisement published on the site of publisher.

Cost is the Cost per Action. You need to pay the publishers only when some action has been taken on your advertisement. This action might include filling of forms, submitting feedback, or registering etc. Again CPA is also higher as compared to CPM and CPV because of its conditions.

Fixed Rate
You need to pay only once and enjoy the traffic coming to your site from the site of publisher throughout the year. The only thing you should consider in this plan is to publish your advertisement on the high traffic sites or the sites that getting at least 800-1000 unique visits every day.

If you want some advice on how to select a publisher for your advertisements or how to select an advertisement plan for your products are service then don’t hesitate to ask us and we will give you the advice on how to find and choose the most suitable internet advertising package.

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