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How to Send the Right Message with Your Web Design

Your web design can make or break your website. It’s the first impression and it determines whether a visitor decides to read through your content or click away. A cheap and nasty website will leave a bad taste in your audience’s mouths, so they will opt for a competitor instead. And this is regardless of the actual content of the website. Despite the fact we’d like to think otherwise, we always judge books by their covers.

The easiest way to think about your website is like the body of a car. If the car is ugly you don’t care how quickly it accelerates or how good the technology is. It’s hard to brag about the specifications of a new car when everyone is laughing at it.

Your website says everything about you as a business owner. To the average visitor, a poorly designed website sends out the message you don’t care about your appearance and you don’t put much effort into your work.

Get the right first impression by following these useful bits of advice.

Minimalism is In
Basic websites do the best. They make the audience focus on the content and not on the design. The design is just the frame for the painting. It shouldn’t be the main focus of anyone. Look at some of the popular websites which have become staples of the Internet. Google, Amazon, and eBay all have very bland designs with boring colours. And yet they’re amongst the most popular sites in the world.

But Fun is Out…Sometimes
Fun elements like little games and animations will nearly always serve to slow your website down. This will damage you in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms. Only use these fun elements if your website is geared towards fun. In most cases, you should ignore them completely.

Excitement and Energy
An exciting website should include more than written content. Add a video to the design with some music. They should make people think of a certain image. Never make these videos and music tracks play automatically. It’s annoying and it doesn’t give your visitors a choice of whether they interact or not. It’s one way to irritate people.

Rendering Time
The rendering time is how long it takes for each element to appear on the screen. Once you click on a link, the screen turns white then black. The rendering time is the time it takes for the page to actually appear. It should never be more than three seconds or most people will leave your site. If it’s longer than five seconds, Google will reduce your ranking in their search engine.

Loading Time
As already touched upon, Google monitors the loading time of each website. If it takes a long time they’ll consider this an example of poor SEO practices. And, again, you need to remember most people will lose patience and close the tab. Your website isn’t essential to them. It’s up to you to convince them of its worth. Waiting isn’t an option.

Fresh and Clear
Cluttering is the act of putting lots of windows on a web page and bombarding your audience with information. When websites try this it makes the minds of their targeted group switch off. The information is so vast they don’t even attempt to comprehend it. White space is a good thing.

Aim to keep your web design within the bounds of 60 to 80 per cent of white space. It makes it look fresher and it keeps in line with current design trends.

Design Copy
Some webmasters think it’s a good idea to copy another site’s design. They believe a familiar design makes people feel more at ease. It actually does the opposite thing. Now your organisation looks like it has no original ideas of its own. Nobody likes someone who steals the ideas of others. It will leave a poor impression of your company if you attempt to do this.

Affiliate Advertising
Affiliate advertising is dead and buried. The average web surfer is wholly intolerant of ads of any size. They hate them with the passion of a raging inferno. From your point of view, you’ll only ever make a tiny amount of money per month from these advertisements anyway.

They can only damage your reputation because people simply won’t put up with them. Remove them and your design will come off a lot better. The only acceptable advertisements are in YouTube videos embedded into your design. After all, this isn’t your fault and we’ve become used to YouTube ads.

Author’s bio:
This article has been contributed by Sonia Jackson who is a quality writer and works for http://www.cool-essays.com. She is always ready to answers all questions related to writing and editing.

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