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Important Elements in a WordPress Website

WordPress is the easiest of the easily available design tools that you can use to create a simple website in minutes. Yes, you heard right, it takes neither months, nor days but only minutes to design a website if you know what you have to do and how to do. The job becomes easier if you have the knowledge of the important elements in a WordPress website. Let’s read these important elements that might be helpful in starting the first WordPress website.

There are themes in the wordpress websites. Themes decide how the website will appear to the visitors. Themes in WordPress are the design frames in which a website can be easily designed and customized. Although designing using the themes is simple but customization might be difficult because it requires the knowledge of PHP. There are tons of themes available that you can use to give a shape to your website. Some of themes are paid but many are available for free. You just need to visit a reliable source to download these themes.

There are sources from where you can download a WordPress theme of your choice and the most reliable source to download the WordPress themes is wordpress.org. You can download a theme that most suitable to your niche. For example, if your niche is blogging then prefer to get a three column theme and if your niche is web design then prefer to choose a theme that allows showcasing best design examples on the homepage.

As with any other website, header is also the important element in a wordpress website. Header mostly contains the Title of website, tagline, logo, and Meta tags in the html part. Good themes provide easy options to edit title, tagline, and logo.

Menus in websites are options to go to different pages. Most common menu items in a blog site are Home, Blog, Contact Us, About Us, and Write for Us etc. Similarly most common menu items in a service providing site are Home, Portfolio, Contact Us, and About Us etc. Some site owners might also keep the categories in the menu.

If a WordPress website is a blog site then it must have categories. There is no limit to how many categories should be there in the site. If the site is a niche specific site then the categories may be limited but if a site is a general blogging site then there might be many categories. It is entirely the decision of the blog site owner that how many categories he or she wants to keep in the website.

Widgets are what you can see on the left or right sidebar in the site. Most common widgets are Archives, recent posts, recent comments, and popular posts and pages etc.

Plugins are readymade functions that can enhance the functionality of a website. Plugins can be of many types. Some most important types of plugins are plugins showing stats, contact forms, related posts and pages, and social sharing options etc. Jetpack is one of the popular plugin that has multiple widgets such as social sharing options, widget to show images, and widget to add text or html etc.

Elements discussed above are the most important elements in a WordPress Website.

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