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Important Things in a Sales Page

The websites that want to sell some product or eproduct such as an ebook needs to have a sales page on the home page. A good sales page can increase the conversion while a less worked sales page may not be able to generate enough sales. If you want to make an effective sales page on your site then you should know the important things that should be there on the sales page of your site.

Sales Letter
A sales letter is the most important requirement for a sales page. A good sales letter can motivate the readers and make them think that the product is the best choice for them. A good sales letter should start with listing the problems of the potential customers and how the product can solve their problems. This should list the benefits that the potential customers might enjoy after buying the product.

There should be some testimonials that confirm the quality of the product. Now the question may be who will write the testimonials. The answer is that the customer writes the testimonials. Now the next question might be who will write the testimonials if not a single customer has tried the product. Many website owners try to cheat in this step by simply writing the testimonials themselves. These activities should not be adopted by the reliable business owners. The solution is to offer your product in full or part to some customers for free and then ask them to rate the product based on their experiences. This is how to get testimonials.

Free Subscription
There should be a free subscription and provide the free subscription only after taking the email of the reader so this will also help in building the email database of potential customers.

Privacy Policy
There should be a page showing privacy policy. The policy should also clearly explain the terms and conditions of the money refund policy.

Order form
Finally there should be an order form that proceeds to accepting the payment and delivering the product to the customer.

Don’t forget to add some small Javascript tag that gives a popup window whenever a visitor is trying to close the window. This popup window should show some better offer as the last way to attract the customer.

All the things discussed above are important to draft a good sales page so do not miss anything and create a quality sales page good enough to motivate the potential customers so that try your product.

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