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Online Money Making and Article Writing

How many days it might take to earn dollars after I write my first article? This is the question of many entrants in the field of internet marketing and online content writing but sadly there is no fix answer of this question. Actually writing article is one thing and earning money from it is the second thing and you need to be expert in both if you want to start earning quickly.

What does an article writer need to know to write quality articles?
An article writer needs to know the article writing basics such as how to start writing an article, how to compose the things in the middle part, and how to end it by concluding it properly. Not only this much article writer needs to have the good knowledge of the topic he or she is writing about and the article writer should also have the good knowledge of the language in which the article needs to be composed.

How to earn money from the articles?
You will find that earning money from the articles is the next difficult part for the online money makers. To earn money from the articles, the article writers or marketers need to know the basics of online money making such as the process of identifying the profitable niche to work in, correct process of doing keyword research, and how to correctly use the keywords in writing a keyword rich article without spamming of the keywords. Not only is this much sufficient the internet marketer also needs to have some knowledge of web design that includes SEO friendly web design, and the correct application of Meta tags etc.

Having the knowledge of all the above things, an internet marketer can not only write great articles but can also earn money from it.

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