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Uncover 5 Little-Known Ways for Optimizing Joomla Website

Joomla, one amongst the top most content management systems used for developing, running and maintaining the websites, comes with its own set of capabilities and limitations. Though it renders the website with certain poignant features, such as retail store management, easy data management, flexible user management, SEO and shopping carts, and a lot more, the extent of functionality often clouds the performance of the website, making it a bit lethargic and slow.

If the performance of your Joomla website has been giving you sleepless night, worry no more. For you, we have come up with 5 amazing bullet proof points, which will help you and all the readers who have a Joomla website to improve the website performance. Read these 5 amazing points below:

1. The Importance of Uptime Monitor
In order to keep your website optimized in the long run, you are going to need an uptime monitor, either now or sometime later, whenever you chose to respond to the pressing present day need. An easy way to spike up the performance of a Joomla website is by building a response time baseline. And there isn’t a better way to do the same than by an uptime monitor, which will keep a tab on the website without fail and would let you know the moment the site goes down.

One of the most widely used and well recommended uptime monitor is ‘Pingdom’.

2. Does the Template Serve You Right?
Almost always, one of the basic causes of the down performance of the website is a treacherous tenaciously-evil template. Even if the template is an apple to everyone’s eye, if it is adversely affecting the performance of the website, it needs to be changed. Joomla offers thousands of templates and designs, and hence, you should choose the one which is easy to load and adds to the overall package of the website.

3. Optimize the images
We cannot even begin to express in words how much your website will thank you, if only you optimize its images. A website with web optimized images is quick loading, better performing and a delight for search engines. Joomla of course have made certain extensions available to help you achieve the same:

Content Optimizer is an extension that performs caching and resizing of the images, and hence optimizes the website.

Lazy Load for Joomla – as against what the name suggests, the extension makes the website rather dynamic, loading the images only when a visitor would hover the cursor over them. This marks a significant improvement in the speed of the Joomla website.

4. A Unique CSS and JavaScript Optimization
CSS and JavaScript are essential components of a present day web application. However, several long codes, especially in the back-end architecture of a large scale website, forces a little compromise on the performance. But now, with Joomla, there is an easy way in which users can get hold of the situation.

ScriptMerge – It is an excellent plugin which merges all the JavaScript and CSS files into one file. Thus the browser need not open several small files, but just browse a single most file to load the website. This drastically reduces the HTTP requests and (need we even say?) optimizes the website.

Besides, you may use various other extensions for the same, such IceSpeed, WDPFast, and RokBooster etc.

5. Better performance with CDN
A content delivery network (CDN) is a prerequisite in the present day online world, as it offers a new source for different browsers to load the file, resolves a lot of speed related issues of the website, and has a positive impact on the performance. Users all over may have different reasons for accessing a CDN, one reason which still remains common between all of them is to improve the performance of the website.

Opt for Professional Assistance
For a business owner, taking round the clock care of the website may be quite a demanding and overbearing task. However, failing it may translate into a subsequent loss of important leads and business. In order to avoid it, businesses can just opt for flexible and easily available professional Joomla Development Services, to take efficient care of the Joomla website and ensure that the website remains cutting edge and prominent amidst the other web clutter.


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