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What is Desktop.ini? Do I need to worry about it?

What is Desktop.ini? Do I need to worry about it? These are the common questions that any computer user might ask. When you see a same file in many folders or nearly every folder then it makes you think that why this file is present everywhere in the system. Is it a system file or is it a virus program that is making its place in the system? The simple answer to these questions is that desktop.ini is a system file and you should stop worrying about it because it is not going to act like a virus program.

The nature of this file to exist in all places and to restore after deletion matches with the pattern of virus programs and this is the reason why people might think that it is a virus. The truth is different from this thought and says that Dektop.ini is created because it has a defined function within the Windows operating system. The presence of Desktop.ini does not indicate a virus attack.

What is the function of Desktop.ini?
The function of the file Desktop.ini is to store the settings made to the folders. For example, if you do any customization in the folders such as displaying files according to types, changing the view status of files or folders, or giving a face to the folder by selecting a picture for it then these settings will be saved in the file Desktop.ini and you can see this file in the customized folders. Switch on to the default settings in all folders and the file will disappear.

Where Desktop.ini is located?
Desktop.ini can be found in any or all folders in documents and settings, C drive, or Windows directory. You can also call Windows support if you want to know more about Desktop.ini and the response will be the same.

Learn the facts about Desktop.ini and stop worrying about it.

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